Data Protection

General Declaration of Data Protection

Through the use of our website for collection purposes, processing and usage of data you declare yourself in agreement with the following conditions. Our website can on principle be accessed without registration. During this process data such as selected pages, respectively files, date and time will be recorded on the server for statistical purposes without the data being referred to you personally. Data with reference to persons, particularly names, postal addresses or e-mail addresses will only be used on an agreement basis of the persons concerned. Data will not be passed on to third parties without consent. (Muster-Datenschutzerklärung von

External links, i.e. links which refer to internet pages not contained within our website and therefore not saved on our server and identified with the domain/URL-name (www. . . .),are to be regarded as links which can be passed on. The contents of the internet pages of third parties which are linked to lie within the responsibility of the respective domain holder. We clearly dissociate ourselves from the contents of linked pages and refuse to take them on as our own material. This declaration is explicitly valid for all links and links forwarded to other parties. We refer herewith to the decree of 12thMay 1998, 312 O 85/89 “Accountability for Links“ made by the Hamburg regional court.

Our website can be linked to other websites without our knowledge. We take on no responsibility for the presentation, content or any connection to the websites of third parties.