English Edition

There’s a lot to be discovered in Hamburg!

The city guide for families opens up new perspectives in discovering the Hamburg city centreincluding the historic warehouse area and the HafenCity. The Hamburg adventure can be experienced with a great deal of fun in nine different tours. The many and varied anecdotes and background stories, small tasks, games and puzzles are entertaining and encourage everyone to participate and provide more than mere data and facts.

This enjoyable and lovingly illustrated city guide ends up with a practical reference section providing many tips about and trips around Hamburg for the whole family and also a glossary for children explaining certain expressions.

The city guide “Eyes wide open! Discovering Hamburg” was published by Boyens in June 2019 and costs 14.95 Euros. It contains 167 pages and 150 coloured illustrations and is available in every book shop or can be ordered online. 

You find brief information about the nine tours in the list of contents. Or have a sniff. Here are some extracts.