Walking Tours

Nine exciting Tours

1. Buildings on Piles and Ships on Roofs

From the Rathaus (Town Hall) to the Hopfenmarkt the route leads along past the stock exchange, across the Trost Bridge, to old merchants‘ houses and to the ruins of the Church of St. Nicholas with its glass lift.

General Plan of Tour No. 1

2. About the Swan Father and the Venice of the North

On the way from the Church of St. Peter to Stephansplatz we go past the historic Hulbe-Haus, see the remains of the Bishop’s Tower, continue across Rathaus Market to the Italian style arcades, then on to the Alte Post (Old Post Office), to the Gänsemarkt (Goose Market) and so to the Finance Deputation Centre. From there onwards it’s not far to the park ‘Planten un Blomen‘ (Plants and Flowers) which offers the opportunity to chill out, relax and enjoy some sport.

General Plan of Tour No. 2

3. Blazing Fire and Pirates‘ Treasure

From the historic Deichstraße to the Church of St. Catherine we go past old merchants‘ houses and warehouses, find out about the great fire of 1842, have a spit into the Nikolaifleet and get to know about Princess Catherine.

General Plan of Tour No. 3

4. Old Warehouses and Hamburg’s ‘Pfeffersäcke’ (Moneybags)

During a trip around the Speicherstadt (warehouse area) you’ll view the historic side of the Hamburg harbour. In addition there are various museums and activity exhibitions to be experienced.

General Plan of Tour No. 4

5. Where the Boats bob and the Quaysides float

Going along the harbour towards the old Elbe tunnel you can visit two museum ships and cross the Elbe under the river bed.

General Plan of Tour No. 5

6. Trumpeter on the Tower and Dolls‘ Houses

While walking from the Bismarck monument towards the emblem of Hamburg, the Michel (Church of St. Michael), we can enjoy the view from the tower, afterwards meet Zitronenjette (the statue of an old woman selling lemons) and do not miss the Chandlers‘ Guild Residential Rooms, the oldest area of terraced houses in the world.

General Plan of Tour No. 6

7. Plague Pits and Corpse Barrows – Hamburg at the Time of the Cholera

In the Gängeviertel, a narrow area of alleyways, there’s a “Potemkin village”. We have a look into the backyards, go past the Laeisz-Musikhalle (concert hall) and then find out who’s hidden behind the expression „Hummel Hummel“.

General Plan of Tour No. 7

8. A Place for devout Pilgrims and a Ship on dry Land

In the office district we pay a visit to one of the most attractive shopping malls, see various historic office buildings and find our way to a pilgrims‘ resting place on the Route of St. James.

General Plan of Tour No. 8

9. A Trip into the Future and a dazzling Glass Palace

In the HafenCity you can witness at close quarters how the new Hamburg district beyond the warehouse area is developing. It is not only the impressive Elbphilharmonie that draws your attention but also the traditional shipping harbour. Perhaps you’ll find the HafenCity University interesting as well as the various parks. Along the way you’ll meet the pirate Klaus Störtebeker, and if you’re lucky the ‚Queen Mary‘ or one of the other cruise ships that dock on the quay.

General Plan of Tour No. 9