Authors, Illustrator and Translator

Christma Boon, Dipl. Psych., studied Psychology, Sociology and Museum Management in Hamburg and spent many years teaching in adult education. Born in Cologne she showed her attachment to Hamburg in further publications of Hamburg topics.

Christa Bergkemper, while working as a registered nurse, decided to pursue her active interest in history by enrolling with the University of Hamburg to complete a Master of Arts in History, Ethnologie and Museum Management. She has released various publications and participated in organising the permanent exhibition in the Medical History Museum of Hamburg.

Ralf Bednar studied fine arts in Freiburg and Hanover. He lives and works as a self-employed artist in Hanover.

Christopher Revett B.A. London. Born in England. After his studies (French, German and Economics) he taught French and German at a comprehensive school near London. Later he worked as an English teacher at the Staatliche Fremdsprachenschule and as a freelance translator in Hamburg.