Adresses and Tips

Contact points for your Hamburg Trip

Alster-Touristik GmbH, Anleger (landing pier), Jungfernstieg, 20354 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 35 74 240, With Alster boats you can take a number of tours on the Alster and along the canals. Seeing Hamburg from the water means getting to know the city from a different angle.

Altonaer Museum, Museumsstr. 23, 22765 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 42 81 350, Tue closed. Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, 10am–5pm, Sat/Sun 10am–6pm. Kids/teens under 18 yrs free of charge. Adults €8.50, reduced price €5. There you can see old ships, farmhouse models, costumes and much more from northern Germany. It is fascinating to dip into the world of books in the ‘Kinderbuchhaus’ and get to know authors. There is also a shop awaiting you with old-fashioned toys. 

Archäologisches Museum Hamburg, Museumsplatz 2, 21073 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 42 87 13 609, Tue–Sun 10am–5pm. Kids/teens under 18 yrs free of charge. Adults €6, reduced price €4. The museum offers an enthralling overview of 200,000 years of local history. 

Automuseum Prototyp (Car Museum), Shanghaiallee 7, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 39 99 69 70, Tue–Sun 10am–6pm. Children (4–14 yrs) €4.50, adults €10, fam. groups €22. On a journey through the history of cars you can see numerous vintage and racing cars. If you feel like climbing into a racing vehicle you can experience a racing track circuit made possible by a driving simulator. 

Ballinstadt, Auswandererwelt Hamburg (World of Emigrants), Veddeler Bogen 2, 20539 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 31 97 91 60, (The most peasant journey there is with a barge departing from Landungsbrücke No. 10). Nov–Mar 10am–4.30pm, Apr–Oct 10am–6pm. Adults €13, reduced price €11, kids (5–12 yrs) €7, fam. groups €28. At this historical place there are fascinating stories about people who emigrated to the New World by ship. You can do research on your own family and play at becoming a refugee yourself. 

Bischofsturm (Bishop’s Tower), Speersort 10, 20095 Hamburg. Entrance: Dat Backhus. Mon–Fri 7am–7pm, Sat 7am–6pm, entry free. With coffee and cakes there is information about Hammaburg and the findings from archeological excavations. 

Bootsverleih (Boat Hire), Be your own captain and hire a boat on the Alster and on the canals.

Bucerius Kunstforum, Rathausmarkt 2, 20095 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 36 09 960, Daily 11am−7pm, Thu 11am–9pm. Kids/teens under 18 yrs free of charge, adults €9, reduced price €6. Mon €6 for all. In the Children’s Art Club you can learn how to develop colours and use them to paint or transpose them photographically. 

Bunkermuseum (Air-Raid-Shelter Museum), Wichernsweg 16, 20537 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 18 15 14 93, Thu 10am–12 midday, 3pm−6pm. Children up to 12 yrs €1.50, adults €3. If you want to retrace what people in World War II had to go through, then go down into the Bunkermuseum, a former air raid shelter. 5 meters below ground you will experience the daily routine of the war very closely, with air raid warnings, sirens and the sound of exploding bombs – of course only on tape.

Chocoversum (Chocolate Museum), Meßberg 1, (Entrance Str. Pumpen), 20095 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 41 91 23 00, Main visiting time: Mon–Sun 10am–6pm. Guided tours Mon–Sun 10am–4.30pm, (enquire about the exact time). Adults from €12, reduced price €11, kids up to 5 yrs free of charge, (creating their own chocolate €4.50), 6–17 yrs from €10. Does chocolate bring happiness? Anyone wishing to answer this question can go on a treat journey and create their own bar of chocolate. You can only visit this ‘yummy-museum’ with a guide. We’d love you to take part and try things out. An English guided tour is also offered. 

Deutsches Zollmuseum and Zollschiff (German Customs Museum and Customs Boat), Alter Wandrahm 16, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 30 08 76–11, Tue–Sun 10am–5pm. Entrance and guided tour free for visitors up to 17 yrs, adults €2. In the old customs office you get an interesting insight into the work of customs officers from the past and present. 

Dialog im Dunkeln (Dialog in the dark), Alter Wandrahm 4, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 30 96 340, Tue–Fri 9am–6pm, Sat 10am–7pm, Sun 10am–5pm. Children up to 13 yrs €16, adults €21,50, reduced price €17.50, fam. groups €70. The exhibition can only be visited with a guide, please book online. It lasts 90 min. There is nothing to be seen as it is pitch dark, but there’s plenty to experience. Blind people lead you through the rooms in which a town, a park and much more is simulated. Your senses will be schooled as they will in:

Dialog im Stillen (Dialogue in the silence), Alter Wandrahm 4, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 30 96 340, Tue–Fri 9am–6pm, Sat 10am–7pm, Sun 10am–5pm. Children up to 12 yrs €11.50, adults €17.50 reduced price €13, fam. groups €54 (it lasts 60 min). Would you like to descend into a world without sound where people speak with their hands and hear with their eyes? Then let yourself be enthralled by the silence and learn new methods of communication. 

Eisenbahnmuseum Lokschuppen Aumühle (Railway Museum), Am Mühlenteich, 21521 Aumühle. (Waldweg Aumühle-Friedrichsruh, branches off from the street Am Mühlenteich, (no approach by road!), Sun 11am–5pm. Free admission, a donation would be appreciated. A trip with a hand driven car or pushed by hand along a light railroad track is quite an experience.

Elbphilharmonie, Platz der Deutschen Einheit, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 35 76 66 66, The new Hamburg landmark not only has a concert programme of classical music, jazz and music from all over the world, but is also a place of musical encounter for lay groups, workshops and where you can participate in special concerts. Guided tours round the Elbphilharmonie can be booked by phone. See above. 

FC St. Pauli-Museum 1910 e.V., Heiligengeistfeld 1, 20359 Hamburg, Apart from gaining information about successes and defeats of the Hamburg Football Club you can hear stories and anecdotes connected with it. Guided tours around the stadium (incl. museum visits): short tours lasting 60 min: Fri 4.30 pm, Sat 1.30 pm, €9/€6.50. Tours lasting 120 min from Mon to Sat 2.30 pm, Sat and Sun.10.30 am, €13.50/€11.00. There are also tours for children (60-90 min) where they receive a St. Pauli FC painting book and a group photograph in playing kit.

Fischmarkt (Fish Market), proceed along the Elbe on the Große Elbstraße up to the Fischauktionshalle (Fish auction hall), on Sundays in summer from 5am, in winter from 7am. It’s worth getting up early. Trading and bargaining take place so that it’s like having eels and bananas flying around your ears. Poultry, ducks, rabbits and geese also join in the ‘Fischmarktkonzert’. Anyone who hasn’t been to the Hamburg Fishmarket has really missed something.

Freilichtmuseum am Kiekeberg (Kiekeberg Open-Air Museum), Am Kiekeberg 1, 21224 Rosengarten-Ehestorf, Tel. (040) 790 17 60, Tue–Fri 9am–5pm, Sat/Sun 10am–6pm. Adults €9, children under 18 yrs free of charge. A combined ticket for Freilichtmuseum and Wildpark Schwarzeberge: kids 3–14 yrs €9, adults €17. In the Freilichtmuseum you can marvel at lots of domestic and farm animals, old handicraft objects, typical household and outdoor work in centuries-old buildings. The ‘Agrarium’ shows how food is and was produced through agriculture and industry, from the land to the packing department, with the help of the first tractors up to modern combine harvesters. There are many stands where you can have fun being active yourself – test your own capability to drive a combine harvester through a simulator or milk a model cow.

Freilichtmuseum Rieck Haus (Rieck Haus Open-Air Museum), Curslacker Deich 284, 21039 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 72 31 223, Mar–Oct, Tue–Sun 10am–5pm. Children up to 18 yrs free of charge, adults €4, reduced price €3. In the thatched house you can learn a good deal about the life of the farmers in Vierlanden in the mid- 20th century. In the activity centre you can guess odours, weights and do some milking yourself. 

Garten der Schmetterlinge (Butterfly Garden), in Sachsenwald, Am Schlossteich 8, 21521 Aumühle/Friedrichsruh, Tel. (04104) 60 37, 15th Mar–31th Oct daily 10am–6pm. Kids €5.50, adults €8.50. In the great free-flight hall you are surrounded by fluttering butterflies, both indigenous and exotic.

Gefängnismuseum SANTA FU (Prison Museum), Am Glasmoor 99, 22851 Norderstedt, Tel. (040) 42 88 580, Free entry, visits to be pre-booked. In the loft of what used to be the Glasmoor centre of prison officials, the life and work of the prisoners and warders is shown impressively behind thick walls and barbed wire.

Grasbrookpark, Am Grasbrookpark, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 37 47 260, Entrance free. A popular green adventure playpark lots of ways for children and grown–ups to have fun on apparatuses partially constructed by pupils and residents. Highlights are a big pirate ship, an exciting water landscape as well as a labyrinth of willow rods.

Greenpeace, Hongkongstr. 10, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 30 61 80, Tue–Fri 10am–5pm, you can find Sunday opening times and programme online. Free entry. In the foyer of the building you can learn more about nature and the environment with hands-on activities.

HafenCity InfoCenter im Kesselhaus (Boiler House), Am Sandtorkai 30, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 36 90 17 99, Tue–Sun 10am–6pm. Free entry. 

Hafenmuseum Hamburg (Harbour Museum), Australiastraße, Kopfbau Schuppen A, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 73 09 11 84, Apr–Oct Mon 10am–5pm, Wed–Fri 10am–5pm, Sat/Sun 10am–6pm. Kids and teens up to 18 yrs free of charge. Adults €6.50, reduced rate €4. Do you know what a tallyman counts or how heavy the equipment of a harbour frogman is? The museum situated in the harbour provides you with an all–round view of work in the harbour dealing with the turnover of merchandise, ship–building and piloting. In the outer area some large machines and equipment such as a barge vacuum cleaner are awaiting your discovery. 

Hagenbecks Tierpark (Zoo), Lokstedter Grenzstr. 2, 22527 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 53 00 330, Depending on the season and daylight zoo opening times are between 9am–4.30pm/6pm or 7pm. The tropical aquarium opens daily 9am–6pm. Admission charges: zoo/tropical aquarium: children (4–16 yrs) €15/10, adults €20/€14. Combi-ticket: children €21, adults €30. Family and group tickets available. This zoo is known worldwide and is well worth a visit at all seasons of the year. 

Hamburg–Airport, Flughafenstraße 1–3, 22335 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 50 750, Restaurant viewing terrace in terminals 1 and 2. From the terraces you have a fascinating view of the take-off and landing airstrips. Model exhibition Mon–Sun 10am and 13.30pm. Children up to 14 yrs €3, adult €5, families €14. Trips round the flight shunting and parking areas can be reserved: children €8, adults €12. From the closest proximity you can get a view of how the aircrafts are prepared for start and landing.

Hamburg Dungeon, Kehrwieder 2, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. 0106 66 69 01 40, Daily 10am–5/6pm. Fri–Sun tours in English at 10am. Online price from €17.85. Here you can experience Hamburg’s history in a spine-chilling manner. No entry for kids below the age of 8 yrs. Kids below 14 yrs must be accompanied by an adult. 

Hamburger Kunsthalle (Art Centre), Glockengießerwall 5, 20095 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 42 81 31 200, Tue–Sun 10am–6pm, Thu 10am–9pm. Adults €14, reduced rate €8, kids and teens below 18 yrs free of charge. While the grown-ups enjoy the exhibitions on their own, the kids, accompanied by a museum educator, go on a discovery in the fascinating world of pictures from the Middle-Ages to the present day. Apart from this you can become an artist yourself in the children’s school of painting. 

Hamburger Sternwarte (Hamburg Observatory), Auf dem Gojenberge, House 1-M-Spiegel, August-Bebel-Str. 196, 21029 Hamburg, (040) 64 68 29 75, Wed–Fri 12 midday to 2pm, Sat–Sun 10am–6pm. Entry free of charge. Guided tours are offered at weekend: Sat 2pm, Sun 12am and 2pm. Adults €10, reduced €7.50, kids up to 6 yrs free of charge. Follow the path of the planets and look upwards. 

Harrys Hamburger Hafenbasar und Museum, Am Sandtorkai 66–68, Sandtorhafen Ponton No. 2, 20457 Hamburg, Sat/Sun 11am–3pm. Kids up to 12 years €3, adults €5, families €15. In the bazaar and museum you can marvel at curious seamen’s treasures from all over the world, and some of them you can even buy. (Closed in winter.) 

HSV–Museum, Sylvesterallee 7, 22525 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 41 55 15 50, Daily 10am–6pm. Kids €3, adults €6, reduced price €4, families €15. Guided tour round the stadium €12, reduced €8, children €6, families €28. The museum is for football fans, big and small. You can be dazzled by stories about the club, its players, victories and defeats as well as a visit to the treasure room with all the trophy collections. 

Information on timetables and schedules for bus and underground can be obtained via telephone (040) 19 449 and internet

Instrumentenwelt (World of Instruments) in the Elbphilharmonie, Platz der Deutschen Einheit, Tel. (040) 35 76 66 336, Music you can take hold of, pluck, stroke, drum and trumpet. With instruction you can try out your favourite instrument as there are a great number of instruments waiting for you. Classical orchestra and percussion courses Fri, Sat, Sun for kids from 4 yrs (accompanied by an adult), 6 and 16 yrs. Participation fee €5.
Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg, Kaispeicher B, Koreastr. 1, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 300 92 300, Daily 10am–6pm. Kids €9.50, adults (from 17 yrs) €13, reduced price €9.50, families €15/27. Are you fascinated by harbours and adventures at sea? Then using a simulator you can pilot a container ship through the harbour or on the nine decks start on a journey through 3,000 years of shipping history. 

Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg, Kaispeicher B, Koreastr. 1, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 300 92 300, Daily 10am–6pm. Kids €9.50, adults (from 17 yrs) €13, reduced price €9.50, families €15/27. Are you fascinated by harbours and adventures at sea? Then using a simulator you can pilot a container ship through the harbour or on the nine decks start on a journey through 3,000 years of shipping history. 

Isemarkt (Isestraße weekly market), 20144 Hamburg, Tue and Fri 8.30am–2pm. One of Germany’s finest weekly markets below the cover of the over-head railway viaduct between Hoheluftbrücke and Eppendorfer Baum. Along its 600 metres length you can find not only the usual market goods but also specialities and goodies.

Jenisch Haus, Baron-Voght-Str. 50, 22609 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 82 87 90, Mon 10am–6pm, Wed–Sun 11am–6pm. Kids and teens up to 17 yrs free of charge, adults €6.50, reduced price €4. You go through the rooms in felt slippers and see how the well-off people lived there in the past. In addition there are exhibitions of painting, art and architecture which are changed at regular intervals. 

Kaffeemuseum Burg (Burg Coffee Museum), St. Annenufer 2, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 55 20 42 58, Tue–Sun 10am–6pm, guided tours Tue–Fri 10am/12 midday/2pm/4pm, Sat–Sun on the hour every hour. Adults €10, kids up to 10 yrs free of charge, children from 12 and above and senior citizens €8, incl. sample of roasted coffee. This is a place with atmosphere where you can marvel, sample and savour. A shop from grandmother’s time, a café and an exhibition of coffee and cocoa await you. 

Kinderbibliothek Hamburg (Hamburg Children’s Library), Zentralbibliothek Hühnerposten 1, 20097 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 42 60 60, Mon–Sat 10am–7pm. This is a place where you can quietly forage through books. There are workshops dealing with various subjects, slide shows, a mini–cinema, cassettes, audio books and CDs.

Kl!CK Kindermuseum (Children’s Museum), Achtern Born 127, 22549 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 41 09 97 77, Mon–Fri 9am–6pm, Sun 11am–6pm. €4,50 each, children in groups €4 each, families €15. “Hands on” since you can take hold of everything here, a place really worth visiting, a permanent exhibition about the subject of money, your body and your great grandmother’s everyday life.

Komponistenquartier (Composers Centre), Peterstr. 29−39, 20355 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 34 06 86 50, Tue–Sun 10am-5pm. Adults €9, discount €7, kids under 10 yrs free of charge. Here you can find out everything about the lives and works of the great composers Brahms, Telemann, C.P.E. Bach as well as Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn and Gustav Mahler who put their mark upon Hamburg’s music tradition. 

Kramer-Witwen-Wohnung (Chandlers’ Widow’s Residence), Krayenkamp 10, 20459 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 37 50 19 88, Apr to Oct Mon–Fri 10am–5pm, Sat/Sun 10am–6pm. Adults €2.50, discount €1.70, kids and teens under 18 free of charge. Take a glance into the quiet widows‘ accomodation. 

Lohsepark, Am Lohsepark, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 37 47 260, Entry free of charge. The largest green park in the HafenCity has lawns with benches to sit on, fruit trees and playing areas. Highlights apart from the wooden climbing frames are a stone grotto for playing in, a slide, a slack-line rope as well as a basket-ball pitch.

Märchenwelten (Fairy-Tale-World), Baakenhafen, 20467 Hamburg, Open daily (except New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve). 9am–10am for school pupils, open 10am–6pm for all other visitors. Online reservation: children from 6–18 years old €15, adults €20, reduced rate €18, families €49.50, group of 9 visitors €18.50, school groups from 9 pupils €13.50 per person. Simply fantastic and unique world-wide: you wander through the fairy-tale world of the Brothers Grimm and are overcome by the emotions of the heroes. You must then make your own decisions and stand your ground with the challenges.

MARKK (Ethnological Museum), Rothenbaumchaussee 64, 20148 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 42 88 790, Tue–Sun 10am–6pm, Thu 10am-9pm. Kids and teens under 18 yrs free of charge, adults €8.50, reduced price €4.50. Free entry as from Thu 4pm. Would you like to be aquainted with the manifold cultures of the world? Then give it a visit. Scary as well as beautiful masks, hunting weapons, jewelry and articles of clothing, a yurt (portable dwelling) and much more for you to discover. 

Modelleisenbahn Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg (Miniature Wonderland Model Railway Centre), Kehrwieder 2, Block D, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 30 06 800, Main opening times: daily 9.30am to at least 6pm, often (particularly at weekends) much longer. Kids less than 1 metre tall accompanied by an adult free of charge, children up to 15 yrs €7.50, adults €15, with discount €5–11, senior citizens €13. Scarcely conceivable: the world’s largest model railway complex covering 1,499 square metres with over 1,040 trains and 10,000 items of rolling stock moving through impressive mini-landscapes with 236,000 figures. 

Museum der Arbeit (Museum of Labour), Wiesendamm 3, 22305 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 42 81 330, Mon 10am–9pm, Wed–Fri 10am–5pm, Sat/Sun 10am–6pm. Kids and teens under 18 yrs free of charge. Adults €8.50, with discount €5. The museum illustrates how people worked in factories, offices or print-shops in the past. In addition you can practice working with old printing methods and make yourself a little brooch. 

Museum für Bergedorf und die Vierlande (Bergedorf Manor), Bergedorfer Schlossstr. 4, 21029 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 42 89 12 509, Tue–Sun 11am–5pm. Children under 18 yrs free of charge, adults €5, with discount €3.50. Damsels and knights beware: the last manor in Hamburg is around 600 years old. It’s situated in the heart of Bergedorf in a romantic park with a lake. 

Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte (Hamburg History Museum), Holstenwall 24, 20355 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 42 81 32 100, Mon, Wed–Fri 10am–5pm, Sat/Sun 10am–6pm. Kids and teens under 18 yrs free of charge, adults €9.50, with discount €6. Hamburg’s history from the Middle-Ages up to the present day. In addition there’s a model railway on show. 

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (Art and Craft Museum), Steintorplatz, 20099 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 42 81 34 880, Tue–Sun 10am–6pm, Thu 10am–9pm. Kids and teens up to 17 yrs free of charge, adults €12, with discount €8. Things fine and useful from antiquity up to the present day. In the Hubertus-Wald-Kinderreich kids from 5 to 9 yrs can be active as designers, architects or artists. Sat–Sun 10am–6pm, during the holidays Tue–Sun 10am–6pm. 

Museumsbauernhof Wennerstorf (Farm Museum), Lindenstr. 4, 21279 Wennerstorf, Tel. (04165) 21 13 49, May–Oct Tue–Fri 10am–4.30pm, Sat/Sun 10am–6pm, Nov–Apr Tue–Fri 10am–4.30pm, free entry. Only except on days of special activity: adults €3, kids and teens under 18 yrs and visitors with disabilities free of charge. On the Bioland farm children can experience ecological agriculture close up, and discover sheep, chickens and various types of crops. On action days there are special offers: you can do handicraft work with wool, wood and willow branches. Bread can be baked in old clay ovens and you can do theatre or you can dry apples.

Museumsdorf Volksdorf (Museum Village Volksdorf), Im Alten Dorfe 46–48, 22359 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 60 39 098,, Tue–Sun 9am–5pm. Visiting the site is free of charge. A guided tour is required for viewing the interior of the houses. Guided tours available from Apr–Oct Fri–Sun 3pm, Nov–Mar Sun 3pm. Kids above 6 yrs €1, adults €4. There are many activity programs for classes of school children, please book in advance. In the Museumsdorf you can see and experience how farmers lived in the past and how arduous their lives were.

Museumshafen Övelgönne, Ponton Neumühlen, 22763 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 41 91 27 61, You can view the old ships from the edge of the water at any time. You can have a look at the interior of the ships when members of the crew are on board. Guided visit can be arranged.

Museumsfrachter Cap San Diego (Museum Freighter), Überseebrücke, 20459 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 36 42 09, Daily 10am-6pm. Kids under 14 yrs €2.50, pupils/students €4, adults €7, families €14. The Cap San Diego is the world’s largest museum freight ship capable of travelling. 

Museumsschiff Rickmer Rickmers (Museum Ship Rickmer Rickmers), Landungsbrücken, Ponton 1a, 20359 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 31 95 959, Daily 10am-6pm. Kids 4–12 €3, pupils and students €4, adults €5, families €12. 

Opernloft at the old Altona ferry terminal, Van-der-Smissen-Straße No.4, (040) 25 49 10 40, Tickets from €12.50 depending on the event being performed, reduced rates for groups. Operas specially tailored to suit small ears are performed here, but can also charm the ears of adults.

Panoptikum (Waxworks), Spielbudenplatz 3, 20359 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 31 03 17, Mon-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat 11am to midnight, Sun 10am–9pm. Kids and teens €4.50, pupils and students €6, adults €6.50. Here you can get a close view of your heroes without bodyguards, e.g Harry Potter, Robbie Williams, Michael Schumacher and the Beatles are exhibited on four platforms. 

Planetarium, Linnering 1, 22299 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 42 88 65 20, (Tickets must be booked in advance): (040) 42 88 65 210, booking-office: Tue 9am-5pm, Wed/Thu 9am–9pm, Fri 9am–10pm, Sat 12am–10pm, Sun 10am–8pm. Reservation by phone: Mon–Fri 8am–9pm, Sat 8am–8pm, Sun 10am–8pm. Kids and teens €7, adults €11. Prices may vary according to the event. The platform can be visited Tue-Fri and closes when darkness sets in. The Hamburg planetarium is one of the most modern in the world. Events for young and old, stargazers and space travellers. There’s also an exciting tree rally where adventurous children can go through the Stadtpark (City Park) on a special trail to learn about trees. 

Planten un Blomen (Plants and Flowers), entrances: Jungiusstr., Glacischaussee, Holstenwall, St. Petersburger Straße, Tel. (040) 42 82 32 150, Apr 7am–10pm, May–Sep 7am–11pm, Oct–Mar 7am–8pm. A beautiful leisure park with playgrounds, roller and ice-skating rinks, children’s theatre, trampoline and mini-golf. Illuminated fountain concerts May–Aug 10pm, Sep 9pm. Roller-skating rink from end of Apr–Oct 9am–9pm, free entry. Mini-golf and trampoline open daily 10am–9pm, mini-golf kids €2.50, adults €3.50. Trampoline 15 min €2. Ice rink, Holstenwall 30, 22355 Hamburg,, daily 10am–10pm, Tue open till 8pm. Children under 16 yrs €4.50, adults €6.50, reduced rate €4.50, families €16. The ice rink is open from around Nov–Mar. 

Polizeimuseum (Police Museum), Carl-Cohn-Str. 39, 22297 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 42 86 68 080, Tue–Thu and Sun 11am–5pm, closed on public holidays. As from the age of 16 entry only permitted with identification card (passport). Children up to 18 yrs free entry, adults €8, reduced rate €6. You’ll need strong nerves to get to the bottom of suspense-packed criminal cases: 5,000 case exhibits from 200 years of police history await you. Perhaps you’d like to know how identikit pictures emerge. You can play the part of a superintendent in an investigation game. 

Puppenmuseum Falkenstein (Falkenstein Doll Museum), Grotiusweg 79, 22587 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 81 05 82, Tue–Sun 11am–5pm. Kids €3, adults €6.50. Dolls and doll’s houses from grandmother’s and great grandmother’s playroom. 

Rabatzz, (Indoor Playground), Kieler Str. 571, 22525 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 54 70 96 90, Mon–Fri 2pm–7pm, Sat/Sun, holidays 10am–7pm. Kids under 3 yrs €6, 13–18 yrs €12.50, adults €9.50. You can spend a whole day in Hamburg’s largest indoor playground without being bored, e.g. in the high-rope course, on the giant slide and the trampoline, with soft-lego and aqua-paddling.

Rathaus (Town Hall), Rathausmarkt 1, 20095 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 42 831 20 64, Guided tours: Mon–Fri 11am–4pm, Sat 10am–5pm, Sun 10am–4pm, as from March every 30 min (only when no council meetings are taking place). Children up to 14 yrs free of charge, adults €5. If you want to see more than the vestibule of the splendid castle-like edifice you have to join a tour. Guided tours in English (please enquire). 

Schiffsbegrüßungsanlage Wedel (Ship’s welcome station: ‘Willkomm Höft‘), For over 60 years incoming and outgoing ships on the Elbe are greeted from the ‘Welcoming Point’ of the Schulau ferry house. A flag is hoisted 40 metres on a mast and you can hear the appropriate national anthem of the ship’s home country.

Schulmuseum (School Museum), Seilerstr. 42, 20359 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 34 58 55, School classes and groups please announce your visit beforehand, Mon–Fri 10am–4pm. Guided visit as from 8.45am. Price without guide: kids up to 13 yrs free of charge, up to 17 yrs €1, adults €3, families €5. School classes with guidance €3 per child, basic service charge €45. Here you can have close experience of what a school lesson was like for your great grandparents.

Schwimmbäder (Swimming Pools), Tel. (040) 18 88 90, There are a great number of swimming pools in Hamburg.

Speicherstadtmuseum (Warehouse Quarter Museum), Am Sandtorkai 36, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 32 11 91, Mar–Oct Mon–Fri 10am–5pm, Sat/Sun 10am–6pm. Nov–Feb Mon–Sun 10am–5pm. Kids below the age of 6 free of charge, school children €2, adults €4.50, reduced price €3. Where did the buccaneer Klaus Störtebeker hide his hoard of gold? What happens in the Speicherstadt at ebbtide, hightide and storm tide? How did the quarter’s employees work on the old warehouse floors? Try cocoa beans! Treasure-seeking and exciting guided tours for young and old. 

Spicy’s Gewürzmuseum (Spice Museum), Am Sandtorkai 34, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 36 79 89, Daily 10am–5pm. Children 4–14 yrs €2, 15 yrs and older €5, reduction €4. You can dip your hands into sacks of the most varied of spices and learn something about their cultivation and processing. There are also jelly babies and you can try the spices. 

Stadtmodell Hamburg (City Model), Housing and City Development Authority/Environment and Energy Authority, Neuenfelderstr. 19, 21109 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 428 40 50 50, Mon–Fri 9am–5pm, Sun 1pm–5pm, closed on Sundays from Nov-Jan. Entry free of charge. Please let us know in advance if you want a guide (free of charge). On the enormous wooden model of the City of Hamburg (111m²) you can trace your walk precisely and relocate all the sight-seeing places of interest.

Stadtpark in Hamburg-Winterhude, This green oasis with an area of 148 hectares in the city offers many leisure activities. On the meadows you can play ball games, picnic or fly your kite. The adventure playground invites you to ropeway activities, to do climbing, slide or go for a splash. When the temperature is high the open-air pool cools you off. Symbol: Coin. You can hire rowing boats and pedal boats and there is a separate pond for model boats.

StadtRAD (City Bikes), At many points in the whole city area you can hire a bike. 30 min free of charge, beyond this time 8 cents per min, 24 hours €12, with a public transport or rail-card 6 cents per min. You must register on the internet beforehand. An EC or credit card or public transport card is required (HVV, BahnCard). 

Stattreisen Hamburg (City Round Trips) offers tours round the city for children and adults. Information: Tel (040) 870 80 100

St. Jacobi (Church of St. James), Jacobikirchhof 22, 20095 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 30 37 370,, Apr to Sep Mon–Sat 10am–5pm, Oct to Mar 11am–5pm, after church service until 5pm. Opening times of the café and the tower Mai–Oct, first Sat every month. 

St. Katharinen (Church of St. Catherine), Katharinenkirchhof 1, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 30 37 47 30, Mon–Fri 10am–5pm, Sat/Sun 11am–5pm. Please enquire about guided tours in the tower. 

St. Michaelis (Church of St. Michael), Englische Planke 1, 20459 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 37 67 80, and Church, crypt and tower Nov–Mar 10am–6pm, Apr–Oct daily 9am–7pm, May to Sep 9am–8pm. Crypt: children up to 15 yrs €2.50/1.50, adults €4/€3. Tower: children up to 15 yrs €3.50/2.50, adults €5/4. 

St. Nikolai (Church of St. Nicholas), Willy-Brandt-Str. 60, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 37 11 25, Panorama lift and museum May to Sep daily 10am–6pm, Oct–Apr 10am–5pm. Kids €3, adults €5, reduced price €4. 

St. Petri (Church of St. Peter), Bei der Petrikirche 2, 20095 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 32 57 400, Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 10am–6.30pm, Wed 10am–7pm, Sat 10am–5pm, Sun 9am–8pm. Climbing the tower: Mon to Sat 11am–5pm, Sun 11.30am–5pm. Kids €1, adults €3. 

Theater für Kinder (Children’s Theatre), Max-Brauer-Allee 76, 22765 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 38 25 38, Theatre box office: Mon–Fri 10am–6pm. Adults and kids from €12.50 (family musicals), morning school performances from €8. Not only young members of the audience will be enchanted by fairy tales, musical comedies and operas.

Tourist-Information, Hauptbahnhof (Main Station): exit Kirchenallee, Mon–Sat 9am–7pm, Sun 10am–6pm. Harbour: St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken, between bridges 5 and 6. Sun–Wed 9am–7pm, Thu–Sat 9am–7pm. Airport Plaza: between terminals 1 and 2 daily 6.30am–11pm. Hotel and ticket reservations: (040) 30 05 17 01,

Treppenviertel in Blankenese (Stairway Quarter). As a quiet contrast to the big city the stairway quarter of Blankenese is an area with narrow winding alleyways, villas and neat little houses. Nothing to be gained without effort. 170 steps lead you to the beautiful beach by the Elbe. Much more comfortable with the ‘Bergziege’ bus (Mountain Goat), which is what they call bus No. 48 from the S-Bahn station Blankenese and which will take you up the steep alleys.

U-Bootmuseum Hamburg (Submarine Museum), St. Pauli Fischmarkt 10, 20359 Hamburg, Tel. (040) 32 00 49 34, Opening times according to season, please enquire: Mon–Sat 9am–8pm, Sun 11am–8pm. Kids €6, adults €9, families €20. Guided visit €4 per person. In this Russian espionage submarine you can experience closely how constricted life on board is.

Wildpark Schwarze Berge (Wildlife Park), Am Wildpark 1, 21224 Rosengarten-Vahrendorf, Tel. (040) 81 97 74 70, (Look for tours and events.) Open all year round, Apr–Oct 8am–6pm, Nov–Mar 9am–16.30pm. Kids from 3 yrs €10, adults from 15 yrs upwards €12, families €100 for a card for 10 visits. Combination ticket for the Kiekeberg outdoor museum and the Schwarze Berge wildlife park: children 3–14 yrs €10 adults €18. Whether you’re in the animal-stroking zoo or watching the flight of birds of prey or the traces of wolves and bears, if you love animals and want to know more about them then this is the place to go.